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Why Do You Play Golf?

I am in the unique position to be able to observe people out on the golf course on a daily basis.  I interact with our guests before, during, and after they play a round of golf.  I'm constantly intrigued at the different moods and temperaments people show.  Most of the time people seem happy to be here, but sometimes people seem unhappy even before they begin their round, like they aren't looking forward to playing.  This surprises me.  Why would you come to play golf if you didn't enjoy it?  It made me wonder why I started playing, and why I still play today. 

My earliest memories are of me (10-12 years of age) using a cut down 3-wood with a grip made of electrical tape. It took me thousands of swings before I finally got the ball into the air, but once I did I was hooked. As the years went by it was the challenge of getting better that kept me playing.  I took lessons, read magazines, and practiced....a lot.  Like many people, I had dreams of playing professional golf at some level.  In my mid 20's I thought I was making strides toward that dream until I got randomly paired with a couple of high school freshmen during a late afternoon round of golf.  They proceeded to play like I had never witnessed before, and they were just goofing around.  I realized immediately that there were good golfers (me), and really, really good golfers (not me).

 Now I play for fun.

So why do you play?

To get better? The competition? For fun? For the social aspect? Because that's what your friends do? For business?

 Whatever the reason, I’m always happy to see you.